• Our Corporate Clients

    "Professionally edited video montage showcasing a variety of scenes including events, corporate functions, and personal moments, with seamless transitions and high-quality visual effects.

    Michael Jacobson -NLC

    "At Neil Lane Couture we used Studio 6 to film and take still shots of our new showroom and office areas. Seth was very professional and a joy to work with. He was able to capture images we are going to use on our new website and still shots we have used for promotional email blasts to our clients. I will be using his services in the future."

    Dynamic highlight reel featuring key moments from events, creatively edited with engaging transitions, music overlays, and cinematic effects to showcase the best snippets of visual storytelling.

    Susan Leibson -TCC

    "Here at The Cause Connection we would never think of using anyone but Seth and Studio 6. Just an absolute joy to work with! Such professional and perfect photos and videos. Basically, thier team is the best of the best!"

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    Andrew Agress -NHRA

    "For the past several years, we have worked closely with Studio 6, we use their services capturing Interviews and Live Events. Their equipped team consistently demonstrates punctuality and professionalism. The content produced serves multiple purposes, including website utilization, promotion, and presentation at our annual NHRA LA Finalist of the year event. Our Executive of the Year event is our annual flagship event and each year Seth and his team go above and beyond. The quality and professionalism is bar none best in the industry. Working with Seth and his team is always an obvious choice."

    Collage of diverse, high-resolution photos arranged in an artistic montage, highlighting memorable moments and stories captured in vibrant clarity and color.

    Vanessa Covak -2k

    "Working with Studio 6 has captured all of my clients important moments and memories. The stress-free experience from start to finish along with the high quality output when working with Studio 6 is unparrelled. Creative, professional and easy to work with, I highly recommend thier team as they are talented and efficient. "

    Behind-the-scenes footage of a rehearsal, capturing the preparation and hard work of performers with detailed, candid shots that showcase the dedication and talent involved in refining their craft.

    Robert Dempsey -AI

    "Seth and his team have been amazing to work with. His eye for capturing our facility and ideas for presenting it in the best light make for some fantastic content. His availability, allows us to make changes and post updates quickly and timely. He has made introducing our facility to the social media world truly a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Seth for all your needs."


    Aerial drone footage providing a breathtaking bird's-eye view of landscapes and events, showcasing sweeping, panoramic shots that highlight the grandeur and scope of the scenes below.

    Jaxon Danel -Xpert Auto

    "The Studio 6 team consistently exceeds expectations. They seamlessly capture photos and videos of our rental cars while also promoting current deals on vehicles available for sale. Their professionalism and punctuality set a new standard in our industry. Collaborating with their team has significantly streamlined our operations, making our job easier. We wholeheartedly recommend Studio 6 for their work to capture everyhting we need beautifully and turned around in a timely manner."

    Same-day edit video service, offering a rapid turnaround of professionally edited footage, capturing the day's highlights and delivering a polished, shareable recap just hours after the event.

    LAPD Sergeant II Larry Martinez

    "LAPD West Valley used Studio 6 Productions for several of our youth programs events. Seth was very professional and made safety a top priority while using his drone to capture some remarkable videos. I would definitely hire Studio 6 Productions for future law enforcement community events. Ther're really that good!"